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If you're like most Internet marketers, you have hundreds or even thousands of files on your hard drive, most of which are PLR that you downloaded intending to rewrite or repurpose “when you get the time." And if you're like most Internet marketers, you never really seem to get the time. You know that the heavy hitters making serious money online create their own products to sell, and usually they or their team create those products from PLR. Yes, that's right: they may even create wildly profitable rollouts from the exact same PLR that you have sitting on your hard drive. So what's their secret? Well, there could be a lot of reasons that some Internet marketers succeed more than others, but usually the reason is knowledge of certain time-saving tools. No one has all the time necessary to succeed in this business, so becomes a matter of time-saving strategies and software which contribute the most to long-term success.

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Module 1 Make Over Training

Module 2 Expert Money Making

Module 3 Questions & Answers

Bonus: Marketing Analysis