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The Beginner's Guide To Meditation

Meditation is a huge part of a healthy lifestyle. It has become a very popular subject, and for good reason. Everybody is feeling the pressure to succeed and do great in their lives, but the work involved in becoming successful can be enough to make anyone exhausted. We put so much energy into trying to create our best lives that, ironically, we can easily lose sight of the most important part of that; ourselves! By taking the time to learn about meditation and allowing it to be a part of our lives, we can begin to channel our thoughts into more productive patterns and give ourselves the recharge that we need when it seems like life has gotten to be a little bit too much. Topics covered: The History of Meditation The Benefits of Meditation Mindfulness Meditation and How It Can Work For You The Benefits of Loving Kindness Meditation Active Meditation with Kundalini Yoga The Benefits of Transcendental Meditation Email Marketing The Practice of Zen Meditation Tips and Tricks for the Meditation Beginners

10 Lessons

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